Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Where the Red Fern Grows

In Alberta ferns are hard to grow since it's dry there and ferns need a lot of humidity and moisture. Here, they are all over the place and they get big. How big? Well, the top of Raimi's head is about 36 inches so ... 3 feet? This is his extra hot, extra slobbery face since the day I took this it was about 24 degrees at 7am and the humidity was so high you could practically swim through the air. I guess ferns like this sort of heat but it makes Boys very drooley.

It makes Leeloos kind of silly. How does Leeloo cool off when she's on a walk and needs to lower her body temperature? Well, she doesn't get all slobbery and gross, she throws herself into some nice cool ferns and has a great lovely wiggle. The ferns came off a little worse for wear but as long as Leeloo was satisfied all is right with the world.

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