Monday, September 20, 2010

Somewhere I'll Find You

Ever think that when something is lost it wants to be found so it puts itself in your way in the hope it might be spotted? I had that happen once where under almost impossible circumstances I managed to reunite a pair of earrings when all hope was gone. It's almost better, actually, when you find something you didn't know was lost until you stumble upon it where it shouldn't be.

Today I was walking with the dogs when suddenly the noses went sharply to the right, the ears perked up, tails flagged high, the wrinkles came out and then in a flash both Ridgebacks were crashing into the bushes.  I waited a moment or two for them to smash their way around the undergrowth and then, satisfied that whatever it was had plenty of time to escape, I carried on down the path. The two hunters returned at full speed well pleased with themselves and for the rest of the walk they continued on high alert.

I contemplated doing a loop instead of doubling back but decided in the end to just double back since for the loop I'd have to leash them a lot sooner.  We took our time wandering down the paths while the birds chirped a welcome to the day, the squirrels scolded mercilessly, mist gently sighed out of the fields and the sun crested the trees and lit the day with a golden wash of warmth. Such moments make waking early every day to walk the dogs well worth the effort.

As we approached the area where the dogs had bolted into the brush they clearly remembered what fun it was to make a terrible racket while on the hunt and repeated the journey. I smiled and crossed my fingers that there was no lingering forest inhabitant stupid enough to wait for the second act. As I walked I happened to glance down and beheld something that didn't belong amongst the leaves and grass of the path.  

I hadn't noticed that Leeloo, for the preceding 20 minutes, didn't jingle when she walked. Her tags must have come loose during her first foray into the brush and as she ran down the path they fell off entirely. I stood and stared at these brown tags amongst brown grass, dirt and leaves and marvelled that I'd seen them at all. I picked them up, told them that I'd secure them to the collar with more diligence next time and tucked them into my pocket.

It seems impossible that they would be found at all. I had no reason to be looking for them and in fact had I been looking for them I am almost sure I'd have had a harder time finding them. Carefully onto Leeloo's collar they will again go and soon enough the fields and forests we walk will be filled with the happy jingle of Leeloo's exploration.

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