Saturday, September 11, 2010

Everything Is Illuminated

On this, a dark day in history, a shining beacon named Esme poked a little hole in the darkness to brighten our lives and mark this anniversary with a happier memory. We will never forget, but we can illuminate.

Today, amidst intermittent down pours, heavy mists and occasional sunspots, Esme became Immerzu's 62nd Canadian Champion. Exclusively shown by her Mommy(that's me) Esme has done what a Puli is rarely known for: she finished out of the junior puppy class. Now, my mom wants me to make sure to note that this is only because she rarely shows junior puppies, thus finishing from this class has never been considered.

But, Esme did it and did it in style. She has never lost Winners Bitch, she has always beaten dogs in mature coat, she has never shown badly, and she is possibly also one of the first Immerzu Pulis to get multiple Best Puppy in Group. In my humble opinion, she is probably one of the best Pulis my parents have ever bred, but I could be biased.

Phew ... I get ahead of myself. We were entered in all four shows this weekend as there are two shows in a day. So this morning at the first show Esme won Winners Bitch for her final point and finished her Canadian Championship. Then we headed in for Best Puppy in the Herding group and what do you know? She wins it! 

In the afternoon show she was just there to play really, get some ''safety' points maybe and give her some more ring time. She wins Winners Bitch again and then, showing against two adult male specials, Esme wins Best of Breed. From the junior puppy class! I was thrilled! In the most dark and secret realms of my imagination I barely allowed myself a moment to think of such a thing, but I know my girl is that good and apparently Larry Kereluke thinks so too! She didn't get anything in the group or puppy but it was just enough to know that she could pull off a win like that.

Currently she is sleeping off her Very Big Day with two very tired Ridgebacks who spent the day staying dry in the truck for most of the time. If you know Ridgebacks you know they do not like rain!

So, if you should so happen to meet Esme one day you may call her Her Majesty or MBPIG Can. Ch. Immerzu Everything Illuminated. I guarantee she will light up your life.

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