Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Happy Gilmore

It depends on who you are when it comes to what makes you happy. For Leeloo, going for walks makes her happy.  Leeloo is never more cheerful than when on a walk. Not that she is unhappy at home, just that we all have things that bring us True Joy and walks are Leeloo's bliss. I know this isn't a very good photo but it does capture how she is feeling about exploring her woods.

I was around the corner so I didn't see but, heard, the sound of a pheasant being surprised into flight and the dog's subsequent mad dash in circles trying to find it.  The pheasant made it safely into a tree and the only evidence was a lone feather on the path. I showed it to Leeloo who promptly slobbered on it and told me with expressive eyes how concerned she was that this is all that was left.

To console herself she found something brown and smelly to roll in. The dark streaks on her shoulder and neck is not a trick of the shadows. She then took a moment to sniff the wind as it was a very blustery morning what with the tendrils of Hurricane Igor brushing past our coastline.   

More exploration ensued with bush-whacking and lots of sniffing, some crashing noises, some false alarms and general dog activity. This is what makes her most happy; being part of the natural world as the huntress, living in the moment, thinking about naughty squirrels and following her nose, never planning for the future and never thinking a future exists.

Once home, however, that 'wild animal' instinct is temporarily put on hold to enjoy the comforts of the good life. I wouldn't have it any other way and certainly neither would she. 

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