Sunday, September 26, 2010


Why, who is this handsome fellow with the bright intelligent eyes, giant schnoz and mischievous wrinkles? It's Archer! Who could forget those beautiful browns? I have to admit, seeing photos of him makes me nostalgic for his ceaselessly cheerful company. I must always remind myself the reasons I said goodbye and although it doesn't give me a lot of comfort, seeing photos of him happy and settled in his new home certainly does.

His best pal in the world now is Tyson. They wrestle and play tug of war, howl a symphony together and most importantly, spend quality time snuggling on the couch. Archer is also taking obedience classes with Tyson so they can learn to be Good Canine Citizens, loves his walks, love his New Mommy more, and has even managed to convince them that sleeping in their bedroom is best for everyone (although in a crate since sleeping with Archer is a bit smothering). I admit I have pangs of missing him but am convinced he is now exactly where he should be.

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