Thursday, September 2, 2010

Thank Your Lucky Stars

It feels like a day of Ridiculous Leeloo. She was so happy to go for a walk until she realized it was already 24 degrees at 7am. We haven't been for a walk in several days because she was in heat and then we were away and then I was sick - all things conspired to prevent heading into the woods for our usual morning constitutional. She did have a bit of a run or two but they only lasted for a few minutes before the heat caught up to her. This was her first zoom ... she was demonstrating what it means to be FREE!

After that little exhibition she realized she had a Dark Passenger and spent a moment looking to see who or what it was. Can you spot it? I'm not sure how she knew it was there but she was determined that his ride was over.

Then she got a little nose honk just for fun. Beep, beep.

Next stop: Weird Leeloo Expressions. I call this the Worry Eye.

"HEY! Thank you for the walk Mommy!" Leeloo is well known for her walk appreciation moments. She likes to trot next to me with a big grin on her face, or in this case, mow me down when I'm trying to take a photo. You can see Esme bringing up the rear - she is now a regular expert at navigating Ridgeback legs. You're always welcome Leeloo ... and you too Esme.

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