Monday, September 6, 2010

Two for the Road

How would you feel if someone forgot your birthday? Pparticularly your mom? Well, it happened to Leeloo. Poor sad Leeloo spent Saturday celebrating her 2nd birthday with a hurricane and I totally forgot it was the 4th of September. Ah well, better late than never!

So, happy belated birthday to Leeloo who is more beautiful than I could have hoped. She spent this morning galloping around a wooded area for a bit of a change from our normal haunt.  There are lots of young saplings for them to race around and they had a marvelous time ambushing each other.

Then she remembered that she is two now and silly flights of fancy should be a thing of the past. A drink in a shallow pond is more lady-like ... if you're a dog.

It's strange to think of her now being 2 years old, I can't believe she has already been part of my life for so long, it seems like just yesterday she was stealing bones from The Boy ... wait, that was yesterday. Doesn't she look fabulous? She has grown into her legs a bit and has filled out a lot even since she finished her Championship in May; her toes finally point forward instead of east and west and that fabulous depth and fill in her chest, so promising at 8 weeks, has dropped into the lovely front assembly she always had. She is a smooth, clean, and incredibly athletic dog and I feel privileged to call her my own darling Bubbalicious.  

Next stop is health testing and after that perhaps she will produce some puppies with her handsome boyfriend Raimi. For now though it's just fun to race through the trees together, bask in the sun and enjoy the good life of being two years old in Nova Scotia.

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