Thursday, September 9, 2010

Give a Girl a Break

Not much on the go here of late, the temperature has finally settled down to less than 30 degrees so we are all sleeping much better and our walks are far more pleasant. The sticky hot air is a thing of the past and cooler fall weather has prevailed.

This weekend we are headed to what will possibly be our last show of the season. Esme needs one point to finish and with four shows to gather that point I have high hopes she will be a Canadian Champion by the end of Sunday. The weather is calling for a rainy weekend so I better put her rubber boots on! Raimi and Leeloo will be joining me for the two days at the show but they aren't entered, they are just there as moral support for Esme. I know she appreciates their ringside cheerleading .. or whining, whichever the case may be.

In other news Archer has settled very well into his home in Cole Harbour. The habits I was so accustomed to are coming out for his new family and it is so good to hear that he remains the cheerful smothering boy I adored. Sometimes I think wistfully of his joyful company and miss him in those moments, but the sensible side of me knows that placing him was for the best and he is now happy and well spoiled by his New Mommy. 

So life continues out here on the east coast, every day is like a vacation (even with a job) and when I think of getting away for a break it occurs to me ... a break from what?

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