Saturday, September 18, 2010

Small Gifts

Off to Dartmouth this morning, not to visit Archer but to get Leeloo's eye testing completed. I have no doubt she will pass as there aren't any problems in her pedigree, but you should really check to make sure your lines stay clear. The CERF clinics are only held in Nova Scotia about once a year so when they come around you make sure to go.

Not visiting Archer was a mutual decision by myself and his New Mommy. It's only been 5 weeks and I want to give him a little more time to settle, I couldn't bear the idea of seeing him again and causing a set back in his adjustment. I'll see him soon enough and he will still remember me, I'm sure he'll remember me forever. I hear regularly from his New Mommy about how he is doing and it sounds like he has everyone spoiling him just as they should be.

I also got Esme's show photos back from last weekend's flood of wins.  This first one is the New Championship photo with her Best Puppy in Group win. Big thank you to Fred Dewsbury for giving this marvelous puppy her last point. All told, technically, Esme finished in 7 shows in the span of 3 weekends out. Not bad for a junior Puli puppy! She beat mature class dogs in adult coat and never lost Winners Bitch - poor Dixie(her competition), I started to feel bad for her!

This is her fourth place win in the Herding group under judge Guy Jeavons - clearly he just loved her. Our weekend, if I tally it up, was perhaps minor compared to the Big Guns of the show world but for a very baby Puli puppy to finish at 8 1/2 months old, with 2 BPIG, Best of Breed twice over specials and a fourth in group ... that is something to brag about. Huge thank you to my parents who bred this little marvel - I knew being born on Christmas Eve made her an extra special gift. 

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