Monday, August 30, 2010

Weekend Warriors

Back from a successful weekend in Cape Breton way up at the top end in a little town called Glace Bay. You can actually see the Northern Atlantic ocean from the show grounds, how crazy is that? The drive up there is pretty spectacular since you follow the edge of the Bras D'Or Lakes up through the middle of the region. I will post photos later once I unpack the truck.

Raimi spent the bulk of his weekend either in an expen or in the truck depending on where I was at the time. If I was in the show ring with Esme it meant he was in the truck since he can't get out of it, at the set up meant he could be in his expen. Poor guy was sick of being trapped in a 4x4 space but there was no alternative since Leeloo was and still is ripe for the picking. Nice timing Leeloo. To my consternation Raimi, in addition to not eating, also stopped drinking. This meant I had to soak his food, get it really watery and then hand feed him. It's like having a 100 pound baby. When we got home I had to force him to drink from a syringe, fortunately he is now drinking on his own but he doesn't realize how sick he can make himself by refusing to eat or drink for almost a week ...

Leeloo spent the weekend being Leeloo. She is disappointed this morning that we didn't go for a walk but there is no way I'm dragging her into the bush in standing heat! She enjoyed most of the weekend, except being stuck in her expen and but she loved sleeping in the tent. Apparently she was made to lounge and what we all have come to accept is that what is good for Leeloo is good for everyone.

Oh, and the reason we dragged ourselves all the way up to Cape Breton in the first place? Why to show gorgeous little Esme. It was a 4 show weekend and the although possibility of Esme finishing existed I didn't think she'd pull it off ... well she almost did. She won a point at each show on Saturday which put her at 5 and then on Sunday she took Best of Winners twice over Parker, who actually finished the day before, to bring her to 9 points. We were hoping for a look in the Herding Puppy group but there is quite a nice Bouvier puppy being shown and Esme, being a Puli, isn't going to get the same consideration as the more commonly seen Bouvier, an sad truth but a truth just the same. I can live with owning a Puli who finishes as a junior puppy - something that has never been done in the 61 Canadian Champions Immerzu Puli's have produced. Number 62 is right around the corner.

I also brought home my first cold in over 2 years. I haven't been sick with a cold since I can't really remember but it's here just the same. I wanted to stop on the drive back and take photos and whatnot but all I could think of was getting home, having a cup of tea and chicken soup and going to bed. Between blowing my nose all night and Raimi's whining it wasn't a very good sleep but at least I don't start work until almost noon ... it's sure nice to sleep in after a weekend at a show!

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