Monday, August 23, 2010

When the Cloud Rolls By

There is something in grass that intoxicates the dogs. They love to roll in it; long, short, green, brown, sunny, shady ... makes no difference.  Taking a photo of a dog rolling in the grass typically ends up looking like this one; a blob of tawny brown surrounded by stalks of tawny brown.

Whatever the reason, it makes them deliriously happy. Can you tell? Boy has a particular habit of throwing himself into the grass in a dramatic swoon and then grinding himself across the ground on his back while kicking his feet in every direction. Woe betide anyone standing within shin striking distance.

On occasion there will be synchronized grass rolling. There is much wiggling, snorting, flailing, and drama about it and yet somehow, despite this seemingly clownish display of joy, they still manage to maintain the impression of being a powerful and graceful creature.

A stolen moment in the grass shows Leeloo blended unconsciously with her environment. Of course, the best part of their shenanigans is that they return home smelling of crushed grass and fresh air - hugs all round.  

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