Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Big Tease

After the departure of Archer everyone has started to relax into a more normal routine. For the first day they seemed a little lost without his constant badgering but the 'Who's next?' vibe is fading. I do know Esme is still a little sad about her best bud leaving but in Leeloo she has found a willing co-pilot to her endless flight of trouble-making.

Leeloo has burst into heat with gale force winds, every heat she seems to get more and more intense about it. She did spend an unbelievable amount of time 'coming in' but now she's in she is IN. She is flirting up a storm with Raimi, bleeding her little drops all over every piece of fabric I own and looking at me with the tragic eyes of the unrequited.

Raimi is obviously madly in love with her and spends the majority of his time with his nose in her hoo-hoo. I lament her timing because based on last heat she should be ovulating right when we are in Cape Breton for a dog show. That means being trapped in the truck for the 4 hour drive up there listening to him whine, making him sleep in the truck because of his whining, and keeping him far far away from Leeloo to prevent any accidents. My best hope, at this point, is that she will ovulate at about day 8(any hope at all?) and be done the worst of it before Cape Breton. Faint hope at that.

To add this to little drama I have discovered that between last heat and this heat Leeloo has gone and grown. She is carrying a little extra weight anyway but she also filled out a whole bunch in the last few months and now her panties don't fit. This is a problem because she leaks everywhere. I'll have to get some safety pins and secure them for now but announcing we have to go shopping for larger panties is not what any girl wants to hear.

I also just bought some nice new shiny dog beds since the ones I had are several years old and showing their age. Leeloo doesn't get to use those until she is out of heat!

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