Friday, August 27, 2010

Sullivan's Travels

Depending on whether I can get a wireless signal in Glace Bay, Cape Breton, there may be a lag in posts until Sunday night or Monday morning. I am leaving for the Big Island today with dogs in tow and Raimi madly in love with Leeloo. It should be a fun ride up let me tell you. I'm not sure if I have accurately described the whining Raimi emits when he is desperate for Leeloo's love but it sort of drills into your brain like a Black & Decker cordless.

Only Esme is entered in all four shows which will make for a nice break after showing both Raimi and Esme at the last show, two breeds for two shows per day was a bit much for me and them, no idea how professional handlers do it but my hat is off to them! Good thing I didn't enter Raimi anyway, he'd have been more useless at this show than he was at the last and Leeloo wasn't even in heat!

I am looking forward to seeing Cape Breton, I hope to stop on the way up and enjoy a bit of the scenery. I've heard so much about Cape Breton for the past year I am a bit curious what all the fuss is about. Everyone keeps telling me that the Cabot Trail is the thing to do but I don't have time, the shortest distance between two points is a straight line so I need to go up the middle, not around the outside. Maybe next summer I can take a weekend and head up with the dogs for some camping and enjoy the tourist side of the Island, as it is I have a show to get to and not a lot of time to get there!

In case you are interested Cape Breton is actually an Island separated from mainland Nova Scotia by a waterway - to get to the Island you have to go across the Canso Causeway, similar to the causeway I cross everyday to get to work. It's a land bridge with a regular bridge at the end to allow the water to pass through for the tidal changes. I think boats might be able to get through too but am not entirely sure. Anyway, I have to drive up the middle bit along a scenic lake, which will be nice) but apparently driving around the Cabot Trail is something else entirely, I will do it one day ... just not this weekend!

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