Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Places in the Heart

It's been a week since Archer left and I am hearing good things from his new home in Cole Harbour. He is settling in nicely, suffering from a little seperation anxiety but that is to be expected especially considering the memory of me leaving is still fresh in his mind. He has attached himself to his New Mommy and is very devoted to her every footstep. I am particularly glad to hear this because I always felt he was a little cheated in my house since for Raimi I am his everything (unless Miss Thang is in heat) and Archer was always vying for my attention. Now that Archer has his very own person (because his new bro Tyson is more attached to Archer's New Daddy) there is no one to stand in the way of him smothering his Goddess. Just as it should be right?

Status quo in this house is pretty much the same with Leeloo and Raimi flirting like mad. I see the timing is working out perfectly for Cape Breton and Leeloo ovulating. That will be fun. 

Esme has a chance to finish in Cape Breton and although I know my mom wants to finish her boy Parker, who is on 7 points, I'm not going to throw the match just for family! I'd love to see Esme get a few points this weekend too! Poor little Dixie who is Esme's bitch competition, had better have her game face on!  Because this little spitfire is a take no prisoners kind of gal! And she's now getting real cords to boot!

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