Monday, August 9, 2010

Road Hogs

I remembered a story from a while back that I meant to share but forgot at the time. I was driving with all the dogs in the truck down to Halifax and that means highway. On the highway you pass and are passed by vehicles of varying shapes and sizes. I don't often think about the other traffic unless they are doing something to annoy me and I almost never think about what the dogs think about vehicles that share the road.

So I'm driving along and I come up on a guy on a motorcycle. He's not doing the speed limit so I pass him. I carry on down the highway. I notice in my rearview that the motorcyclist has sped up and is now almost matching my speed but he's still behind me. I change lanes to pass another vehicle and the motorcyclist does the same.

At this point Archer notices this 'follower'.  He does not like it. Who, exactly, is this faceless person following us? His concern increases when he realizes that when the truck moves from lane to lane, so does the motorcyle. It got to the point where he was staring out the back window of the truck barking his head off with hackles raised, stomping all over a napping Raimi and Nylabone chewing Leeloo. Esme pinged around the inside of the truck just like usual thinking Archer's game was super fun. 

I have darkly tinted windows on the truck so I can't be sure the motorcyclist saw him but can I imagine if he'd been able to see this idiotic dog barking like a maniac he'd think it was funny. I sure did right up until it got old and annoying. Eventually the biker passed us and Archer went koo-koo banana before being satisfied he'd scared the faceless evil away. I can date Archer's now  incessant need to bark madly at passer's by to that exact day ...

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Rory said...

I do NOT like those motorcycle guys, no way, uh huh. Totally creepy with the helmet thing. And those dark visors? They're obviously evil. I must protect my peeps, so I use my Special Very Loud Growl anytime there is a motorcycle behind us.