Sunday, August 15, 2010

Great Expectations

We did go for our walk last night as promised, it didn't go as smoothly as I'd hoped since there was some teenager in the woods making a bunch of racket trying to tease the dogs. I let him carry on a bit, let the dogs bark a bit and then yelled "Want me to send them in?" He abruptly took off in the opposite direction and unfortunately the way he left was the same way I walk to get back to the truck so I had to keep the dogs on lead. Despite that I did get a couple of lovely photos of Archer in the sunset. Ask me again why I'm placing him ... I forget.

He looks so peaceful bathed in sunlight. I was nostalgic for his cheerful company before he even left.

We met on neutral ground at the dog day care Sandra, his New Mommy, uses for his new brother Tyson a couple days a week. They were taken off into a room without their Mommies and introduced in a totally neutral setting. They came out with Archer still being all 'Who is THIS?" and googly eyed but no one was freaking out. Initial introduction complete we headed to Sandra's house to see how Tyson would receive a new dog into his established 'territory'. There was some doggy posturing and tail waving but that is completely normal.

Well, as you can see things went rather well. This is Archer, Esme and Tyson having a gas around the yard. Tyson had to tell Archer to back off a few times because he was being too pushy but once Archer understood they were fine to bounce and play. Tyson tried to get Archer to 'want' his beat up old ball but Archer didn't understand the invitation ... I'm sure that will come with time.

They even shared a bowl of water with no problems, I was so proud of Archer for being a big boy. I was worried he'd be a goombah about it but I should have trusted him more. I just got an email from Sandra who says that while he is looking for me he is not freaking out. He uses Tyson as a comfort crutch but otherwise all he is doing is checking the window and door for me which is to be expected. Soon it will be like he never lived anywhere else.  I am ever so grateful to Sandra and her family for providing such a great home to Archer, here's to many years of shared bowls of water.

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