Friday, August 20, 2010

Remember the Daze

Juast a quick update tonight on the household and other myriad goings on. The love-fest is ramping up here with Raimi and Leeloo turning up the heat on what they think is a sordid affair. Leeloo does her stupid 'take me now' face and Raimi does his disgusting drooling and round it goes until I say ENOUGH and they retire to their corners until the next bout can begin. Leeloo has been pantied up with safety pins and is disgusted with me and the world for this embarrassing development. Blood stains on my duvet, couch and carpets is not acceptable so she will just have to live with it for a few more days.

In other news Archer is doing well in his home. I guess I never thought, prior to this experience, how I maintain the 'leader' role. I know a lot of people do not fall in with correction training and discipline but this is not a breed that I coddle when it comes to the actual rules of conduct. Archer knew the rules in my house and although he occasionally ignored them, he understood when he had crossed the line.  Being taken from his own home and placed in a completely foreign environment without his Mommy or best friends is hard for a kid but rules are still rules. Now that his new family feels a little more comfortable correcting him, everyone is settling more comfortably into their respective roles. I know my dogs are spoiled but if they do something I don't like all I have to do is stand up and approach and the activity halts. Trust me, you do not want me to carry through with the implied threat and when I have done so the dog on the receiving end has remembered it! Mostly I scare them with noise and bluster and that is usually enough. There is a big difference between thinking you're going to die and being in actual danger of it ... thankfully a dog can't tell the difference in the heat of the moment!

I will admit I miss Archer a lot. He really was a cheerful ball of sunshine who is now someone else's ball of sunshine. I miss his walk by kisses, how he stood on my chair to get to the right height to smile into my face, his vertical leaps to greet me, stealing my slippers to chew every chance he got, watching Esme kick his butt, having him worm his head onto my lap while I sat at the computer, his constantly wagging tail, his conversational whining, his leaning as far out of the truck window as he possibly could to catch the wind, and the inevitable drinking out of the toilet. I miss all these things and know that now these are now someone else's Archer Things. I miss you little buddy but hope you are blissfully happy.

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