Sunday, August 22, 2010

Forever and a Day

I didn't have time to post yesterday as I was out all day with the dogs at my parent's house. It was nice to retreat from home to spend some time doing very little. When you're at home you feel obligated to 'do stuff' and not having the grass, or the vacuuming, or dusting, or dishes staring at you is a welcome reprieve.

Leeloo got to ride up front because it was a longer trip than we normally take, plus the back is a bit crowded with smothering Boy and I needed to be able to scold her for trying to remove her panties. She loves to stick her head out the window at relatively low speeds, once we get to about 80 or so she finds the wind a bit too brisk!

At my parent's house there is a large area of about 3 ore 4 acres behind the house that my dad keeps short. My mom likes to walk their dogs back there too so it's convenient to have an area that is cleared although I do know the Ridgebacks love a good snort through waist high grass!

There is a small section my Dad keeps un-mown - I like to believe it's for my dogs pleasure but somehow I think their preferences do not figure large into his mowing agenda.  Either way they enjoy it immensely ... even bounding Esme.

The day was somewhat spoiled by the drive home during which a doe decided to cross with her two fawns about 20 feet in front of me. I stood on the brakes, the dogs got thrown a bit, and one of the fawns glanced off my driver's side bumper. In my sideview I could see the deer lying on the road but attempting to stand. I drove a little further to find an area to turn around but when I got back the deer was gone.  I am hoping, in a childish denial kind of way, that the injuries I caused to the fawn were only superficial since it was not a direct hit and I was braking at the time. It's the first deer I've ever hit and I will always wish myself 20 seconds later so that the twin fawns would have made it safely across the road.

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