Sunday, August 1, 2010

Beyond the Sea

Hot day today which meant we needed to find somewhere cool to walk. How about the beach? Usually I'd say no because the beach is generally hotter than anywhere else but today I thought we'd chance it. Our usual haunts were populated so I carried down the gravel road onto Caribou Island. It's not a pleasant drive to say the least; twisty, turny, bumpy, dusty, and washboard corners rattle the teeth right out of your mouth. But if you can tolerate this nonsense for about 10 minutes it's worth it.

We found a gently curving spit of sand that begs for your footprints like the beckoning finger of a seductive Siren.  Then again, sometimes the Siren bites off more than she can chew.

No fear though, these dogs are immune to the Sirens sultry call - unless of course she happens to have a big juicy steak on offer.

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