Thursday, August 12, 2010

In Too Deep

Quick update on Raimi's foot: this morning he was still lame and his toe was swollen so I soaked it and had a look. The cut was mostly sealed but when I pressed it some fluid oozed out. Hmmm. I gently manipulated it a bit and more ooze. So I apologized to The Boy and pressed harder. Pop! Out came some pus. Oh. More gentle squeezing and more oozing clear fluid. Instead of a cut I think we have a puncture. No wonder it bled so much. So now he will get drained a few times a day to keep the swelling down and to prevent an infection setting in. Right now it is gently seeping which is fine, as long as it doesn't seal and brew an infection in there he will be fine.

Here's what he looks like when he's not lounging on the couch feeling sorry for himself. One with nature until he gets a boo-boo ... then nature can stick it and 'I want my Mommy.'

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