Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Ripple Effect

It looks to me like Archer could walk across this bay if he wanted to. In fact, if this was a photo of Leeloo I'd say she'd feel it was a certainty. She'd be walking on the water though, not in it; that's just how she rolls.  This is a quiet moment of contemplation for Archer as he creates ripples in the water. Soon he will start a new life and make new ripples but for now his ripples are all mine. He spent his time at the oceanside splashing about, being silly, digging furiously and making it a joyful experience for everyone (except those Leeloos he splashed).  He has been a perpetual sun on gloomy days and the echoes of his presence may fade but he will always leave wet paw prints on my heart. Hugs to special Archer in these waning moments we share.

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