Monday, August 2, 2010

Trade Off

Walk along the sandy shores of a serene beach, squish your toes into the sand, feel the water gently grasp your ankles, listen to the waves caress the beach, splash some salty droplets on your legs, and let the day carry you forward. Hear the sandpipers cry in anger above your head as you walk just a little too close to their nests, smile at the seagulls as they nonchalantly bob on the waves, and marvel at the cormorants as they dive out of sight only to pop up again metres away. See tiny grey fish darting in and out of the shadows on their quest for food and life, frown at the lone crab shell left to dissolve into sandy particles, and gasp at the heat of the sand as it meets your bare toes. Absorb the delicate warmth of the sky into your body, close your eyes to the brilliant sun and breathe deeply of the wonder of the moment.

What would you trade to experience this? I traded almost everything and everyone I had ever known and it was absolutely worth it.

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