Saturday, August 14, 2010

Bye Bye Love

It's the day before Archer goes to a new home that is so excited to receive him into their family. I am very sad so see him go - he is such a mixture of the ridiculous and the beautiful - kind of like the Cirque du Soliel of dogs.

He bounds through life with glee and has a perpetual smile painted on his silly face.  He definitely embraces life in a way that most only wish they could.

I know he will miss the companionship and wrestling partners in Leeloo, Raimi and Esme - but he has a new buddy to hang with named Tyson. I'm sure after a short while they will be best of buds.

It's not like he will never see them again and we will have to arrange play dates so that he doesn't forget how to kick some Ridgeback butt. Well, perhaps it will be more of a Leeloo smack-down reminder.

Today we will break tradition and go for an evening walk. In a way it will represent the sunset of our bond. The sun will dip below the horizon and say goodnight to more than a year of adventure with baby Archer. Never fear little Buddy, with the morning sun comes light and love and a new family waiting with both of those in abundance.

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