Thursday, August 5, 2010

Feet First

I let the dogs out into the backyard for a few minutes the other day and when The Boy came in he was dead lame. All sad eyes and "Owie Mommy." Since he is such a sissy I am surprised he didn't make any noise when he actually hurt himself but there wasn't a single sound to indicate when or how he hurt himself in the backyard. It was very tender and he spent the rest of the morning feeling sorry for himself. Here is his left foot being all normal and whatnot (yes, I know he has huge feet):

And here's his right foot with a swelling starting on the outside knuckle(on the left there). It looks like he sprained that knuckle although I'm not sure how he managed it. There is a joint right at that bump and it's tender and obviously swollen.

A side by side comparison might make it a little more clear. He's just resting his foot on the floor and not actually putting any weight on it. The swelling is there just above his outside toe - that is a large joint where the foot flexes into the pastern.

He spent the balance of the morning before I went to work sulking in the bedroom. I gave him lots of kisses and hugs and promised he'd feel better in a little while. I'm a bit leery about administering things like aspirin because I second guess myself with dosages etc and giving a dog a medication he's never had just prior to my leaving the house for several hours doesn't sit well with me.

When I got home that night the swelling was worse but he was actually walking on it and seemed in less pain. We didn't go for a walk the next morning since I couldn't bear the idea of leaving Boy behind; much to Leeloo, Esme and Archer's horror (although it was pouring too so it was an easy decision).  You can see the swelling is not as localized and the foot is definitely not as tender as it was 24 hours prior. Boy will just have to stay on bed rest and I'm pretty sure Mommy hugs and kisses help a lot too.  

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