Monday, January 31, 2011

Brothers and Sisters

After Archer's visit yesterday thoughts turn to his siblings. Halo's last litter of puppies was a passel of seven yowling and howling monsters - just like her first seven. The twelve in between were perfect little angels. Why? Who knows. What I do know is now the seven are almost 2 years old they are, to their families, little angels ... most of the time.

Way over on the other side of the country live Tikka and Hunter. Not together, they each have their own family to adore, but they both get to enjoy the wonders of British Columbia. Here's Hunter doing what hunter's do best, looking for something to hunt. He is a very handsome fellow, kept in immaculate condition and is credit to his family in Kelowna. He is a very serious outdoor dog, doing all the important outdoor dog things like hiking, mountain biking and whatever else people do with their dogs in the Rockies. When not kicking the mountain's butt he is best bud to his family and spoiled within an inch of his life.

Tikka lives way up in Kitimat which is a pretty secluded spot to live. Living there she gets to enjoy both the ocean and the mountains. Of course, being this pretty you should be able to get pretty much anything you want. She too is in amazing condition; the perfect weight, shiny coat, bright eyed and beautiful.

Just like her brother Hunter she is on the prowl, I'm sure not much gets past this piercing gaze. Despite this Huntress facade she is a happy, joyful girl who loves people when she stops long enough to get some attention, that sounds familiar! She is lovingly spoiled by a fabulous family ... just as she should be. These aren't the only Archer siblings out there though, if you have photos send them along and I'll post them - that includes the other litters too ... we want to see how you are all doing!

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