Wednesday, January 5, 2011

As the Twig is Bent

Although yesterday Leeloo did spend an inordinate amount of time running, she also took a few moments to kill something. A sad little twig. It was alive when she approached it, I know this because after she was done I could see the green stick underneath the bark she'd stripped and since trees need their bark to protect them from the elements, I suspect this twig won't have a chance. There she is, selecting the doomed twig. 

The real work begins when attempting to gnaw through it. There are tough little bushes round these parts and it took some effort to get her teeth into that sucker.

Patience is key though and she was not giving up on making sure that little plant was good and chewed. It's a process. Also, good for flossing.

Esme, never one to stand by and watch a friend struggle, got right in there to give her a hand. In the end the twig was mangled beyond all hope and although I hate to see them destroying nature with such gusto, better one of a zillion twigs in the woods than any of my possessions.


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