Friday, January 7, 2011

Between the Folds

Leeloo's ears will forever be a source of amusement. They seem to do whatever they want and she doesn't appear to mind. Usually her origami ears are a result of a head shake but sometimes they take on a life of their own and end up in contorted designs they're able to maintain for disturbingly long periods. One folded forward, one folded back. Very balanced Leeloo.

She was enjoying a Christmas cow hoof and even as she gnawed, chewed and licked, those ears refused to budge from their delicate position.

I took the hoof away so I could get a better angle on the ears whereupon she said "THAT'S MINE" and quickly retrieved it from my thieving fingers. Her ears were also very offended as you see. I wouldn't change a thing about Leeloo's ears for all I jest, they are darling, they make her who she is and there is no better Leeloo than this one. Don't you just want to kiss her demanding nose?  

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