Thursday, January 6, 2011

Hungry Hearts

Boy is suffering from what a person might refer to as a hungry heart. Esme came into heat on New Year's Eve and because both girls were in a race to see who could come in first, they are currently both sporting delicious smelling bottoms. Leeloo is not actually in heat yet, technically she is not due until at least February but because of the continual Alpha bitch struggle between them, the hormones are raging and Leeloo is doing her best not to be left behind, as it were. This has caused Boy to stop eating and start pining. If things get out of hand I may have to send Esme to my parents so that Raimi doesn't hassle her too much, he is, after all, about 90 pounds heavier than her and amorous attention could take a turn for the worse.

So, on our walks he is spending his time not running around looking for squirrels, but sniffing Esme's bottom, moping, checking Leeloo's bottom just to be sure, moping, sniffing both girl's pee, and moping. He took a moment to 'mark' this incredibly beautiful white oak (which is inexplicably located in the heart of the orchard and has a death grip on its leaves - it has a little white oak baby nearby which I intend to steal ... ssshhhhh ...) and then stood gazing into the sunrise hoping that some beautiful horny Ridgeback bitch would walk out of it and into his life. No such luck Boy ... 

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