Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Song of Freedom

Today, with the sun shining out of a crisp clear sky, we went for a walk at our old haunt, the orchard behind the town. We haven't been there for several days because of various holiday excursions and Leeloo's injured toes(and I finally figured out how she did it - smashing my truck window with her feet while telling dogs we drove past just what she thought of them). With her no longer limping her way around the house, it was time to burn off a little steam and no one was more prepared for that than Leeloo. She'd pretty much had it with 'bed rest'.

I suspect that it was a bit early in the healing process to actually be doing what she was doing but since she was having such a great time I hated to stop her. I am sure she will be back to Hop-a-long Leeloo after today.

Esme was also very ready for a walk. Suited up and ready for action, she waits for Leeloo to emerge from the bushes so she can tackle her.

This was a lucky shot, although not my best work. Leeloo blithely galloped on as Esme tripped and did a face plant into the snow. I'm not sure what caused the tumble; possibly Leeloo knocked her out of the way, perhaps a twig, maybe some deep snow, or more likely her own feet in her anxiety to keep up with those crazy Leeloo legs. Never mind though, she was up and running a split second later.

Leeloo's determination to expend as much energy in as little time as possible was an attainable goal given her activity level on this particular walk. With Esme to egg her on it was easy for them both to maintain a fairly non-stop dash through the bushes and trees.

There wasn't much squirrel hunting on this walk since that would require her to slow down and stop to look for them. There she is, in about the middle on the right side ... dash dash dash away Leeloo!

She and Esme did take some time out to wrestle in the snow. It was used as more of a breather and once they trounced each other a few times it was off to the races again.

At this moment all the dogs are slumbering happily on the couch underneath a down throw - deeply satisfied with the morning's expedition and dreaming of a tomorrow that will bring more of the same.

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