Monday, January 3, 2011


My worst fear, if I have to think about it, is having one of my dogs fall through ice in deep water. I'm sure I would put myself in danger to try and get them out and we'd probably both end up in very serious trouble. However, when I know that the water is only about a foot deep, I breathe a little more easily. One morning late last year (that would be 2010) in the early morning and still cold enough for ice to have formed over puddles, Raimi had what I think was his very first Bambi moment.  I couldn't imagine why he was spending so much time over by this frozen pond but as it turns out, he was having a lovely time investigating the ice all by himself. 

His simple brain would have remembered this shallow little pond as water but on this day it had him stumped. He was very curious about being able to walk across the pond and probably more baffled about why it was so slippery. He was very careful about sliding and his already very large feet splayed out to try and grip the ice, so cute.

He did have a few actual Bambi moments where legs started going in different directions but he always righted himself before I could get a shot. "Think think think" says his stuffed-with-fluff brain. This particular 6 or 7 feet took a lot of concentration.

Esme was a little more graceful and slid across the ice with the greatest of ease. She looked like she was a genuine ice-skater. Laaa daaaa deeeee daaaaa! You can almost hear the swishing of the blades.

Leeloo was having none of it. She never stepped onto the ice even once. Perhaps I have projected my fear of ice to her, or perhaps it has more to do with Leeloo never really allowing herself to look uncoordinated.  Too bad her ridiculous ear was all twisted up ... otherwise we'd have never known she too has a silly side.

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