Friday, January 28, 2011

In Too Deep

After a brief but dedicated blizzard yesterday we woke up to glorious sunshine today with a pristine snow covered landscape except the roads which are just crap to drive. Hooray for 4x4 and off we go to enjoy a romp in the snow. The dogs had a marvelous time as usual but there is a generally limit to how much fun snow can be. While the snowy path, which has conveniently been packed down by snowmobilers, is probably a foot deep, leaving it means you are up to your knees in seconds because the rest of the field is under at least 2 feet of snow. A short time into our walk The Boy realized that straying from the path is probably not a good idea for a dog his size.

He felt a little silly and spent the rest of the walk sticking to the path and walking as though at any second he'd fall through again. It was very cute.

Leeloo didn't fair much better but she did attempt a bound of sorts. This quickly resolved into sticking to the path as best she could.

The problem is that there have been so many layers of snow, freezing and packing that in one spot you only sink about 6 inches and in others you drop much further. It certainly doesn't lend itself to elegant carriage as you wade through the drifts.

Esme found the snow to be somewhat of a challenge but as usual, she is up for pretty much whatever you throw at her. She promptly lost one of her boots at the start of the walk (they are to prevent giant snow balls collecting on her legs) and generally stuck to the snowmobile paths unless someone else broke trail for her. See Raimi's above photo.

Despite the sometimes embarrassing trials of going for walks in the snow the dogs seem to enjoy themselves immensely and although I do as well, I am quite sure I wouldn't have such a good time if it weren't for the snowmobilers who routinely travel the same paths I do ... breaking trail through 2 feet of snow for the dogs is definitely not on my to-do list!

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