Saturday, January 1, 2011


Another year has just begun. We are about 22 hours in and so far we are off to an auspicious start. Leeloo started the New Year by vomiting up some mysterious piece of plastic as yet un-identified and then woke me up at 6am to throw up again just for fun. She happily went back to sleep while I stumbled around my friend Donna's house in the wee hours looking for papertowel. Huge thanks to Bill and Donna for their hospitality and awesome food for New Year's ... it was a welcome change of scenery!

I took the dogs for a walk in the woods behind Bill and Donna's house and they had marvelous fun. They spent the bulk of the time looking up into the trees which was super cute although Leeloo is still waiting for a squirrel to fall into her mouth.

I'm sure one day, if she is patient she will get a squirrel right where she wants it, but for now she is going a long way toward giving herself a serious crick in her neck. Dogs aren't really built for looking straight up all the time.

Raimi has it right, he stands back from the tree base and looks up into them at an angle. It goes a long way toward him being able to spot the squirrels moving through the branches whereas Leeloo's technique means she is fixated on one spot and often misses the bigger picture.

I love how squirrel hunting makes him look smart, like he knows what he's doing. He is expending all his brain power looking for the tree dwelling rodents and it gives him a moderately intelligent air.

As far as Esme is concerned squirrels are a myth peretuated to prevent Leeloo from paying attention to her. This is not the greatest photo but under the low light circumstances the tongue is what counts. That and the fact that she came into heat yesterday and it's going to be an interesting gong show with Raimi when she gets further into her transformation from puppy to Grown Up Gal. Happy New Year all!

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