Sunday, January 30, 2011

Coyote Ugly

It was bright sunny today, just like Archer who we met at noon for a nice walk in the woods. As usual he was all bounce and no brains which is just how we like them here at Invictus. Well, the boys anyway. There's happy Archer. I certainly didn't teach him that ... cough.

They all ran like maniacs and Archer made the mistake of trying to outwit Leeloo by running into the snow off the path ... that is what happens when you try to outsmart a girl. Just sayin'.

Part way along the walk Sandra glanced ahead and noticed a canine cross the path and pointed it out asking if it was a dog. I looked up just in time to see a coyote do a weird little spin of indecision on the path and then jump into the woods. Phew, at least the dogs didn't see it or we'd be slogging through the forest up to our knees in snow trying to find them. As we carried on another coyote crossed the path, realized we were there and also bolted, and then right behind it yet another coyote did an about face and ran back the way they'd all come. Realizing the third time is usually the charm we grabbed the dogs and turned back to give the pack some time to get to wherever they intended to go.

We waited a few minutes and then headed back down the path. As we approached the spot where the coytoes were last seen a fat black Lab popped out onto the path and this time our dogs spotted it. They did what I suspect they'd have done if they saw the coyotes, they ran full speed toward it. As it stood there three little Shih Tzu dogs came out onto the path closely followed by their owners. Our dogs and their dogs had a moment of introduction and then our dogs, realizing we were unusually far away, came racing back. What a bunch of idiots.  

So we headed into the cut where we'd seen the coyotes emerge thinking that since this is the direction they came from it was unlikely we'd run into them again. We met the Shih Tzu - Lab people again on a loop and mentioned the coyotes and to be careful with their little coyote bait dogs. They knew about the coyotes but didn't know there were at least three in the pack.

Leeloo was most interested in the tracks the coyotes made. She stuck her face into each paw hole and had a good sniff. She didn't let herself get too distracted, a hunter tracking a hunter can't be too careful you know? Whassat?

Raimi was also determined to have a good track and followed the scent even further into the woods. The snow got a little too deep for him but he tells me that if it hadn't he'd totally have a coyote sweater by now. Totally.

I'm not sure Archer even realized there was anything to track except Esme's bottom. He kept harrassing her until she finally told him off but good. She went for the jugular this time. No joke. She's a tough little cookie.

They always know when it's the trail home and like good hunting dogs they took point all the way to the truck. It's hard to be worried about being set upon by coyotes when this team has your back, then again, I'd rather not find out.

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