Monday, January 10, 2011

Fever Pitch

Now that winter has arrived and looks to be staying awhile there is no end to the beautiful photographs one can get of the dogs posing in the glittering landcape.

Then again, there is also ample opportunity for them to show off a little of their ridiculous side.

Catching snow is one of Leeloo's very favorite things to do ... besides eat. And since catching snow involves the consumption of it I guess that elevates it even higher in the ranks. In fact, I'm not sure how much higher she would want it to go.

Not to be left out in the cold when it comes to snow catching, Raimi had a couple leaps of his own. He's certainly not on a par with Leeloo who gets much more practice, but he gives it the ol' college try just the same. He reminds me of a baby bird ... only bigger.

No one can hold a candle to Leeloo's leaps of effort. It's important to her to win; be it stick retrieval, eating the fastest, catching snow, or getting the best spot on the couch. Leeloo's makes winning a priority.

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