Sunday, January 2, 2011

The Walking Dead

I always thought New Year's resolutions were sort of pointless. Most people don't keep them until midnight January 1st, much less an entire 365 days. My resolution is to make a plan for the year and with the first few months already set I think I'm on my way to a successful 2011. One of my resolutions was going to be to not stir the pot or create conflict but where's the fun in that?

I recently read an 'article' talking about volunteers for an organization which I will not support because the author, despite numerous complaints against, continues to be protected by the upper echelons of this group. It's like some crazy Ridgeback Mafia.  There is this funny little mention of something 'someone' (that would be, uh ... me) was supposed to have said last February (yes, that is 11 months ago) which specifically contradicts my opinion that the organization lost volunteers as a result of the author's behaviour. I think it's important to get the direct quote correct ... just for accuracy's sake. What was said in my original post was "loss of the support of 7 people" - and no I am not taking it out of context, I removed specifics so individuals cannot be identified. So let me correct this travesty of mis-information; since when does the word support equal official volunteer? Some of the people I was referring to were not official volunteers, they were supporters of the cause (sending money, offering transport, giving referrals etc) and some were actual accredited volunteers. Some of these people, directly and indirectly involved, indicated to the organization that not at that time, nor in the future, would they consider supporting the organization as long as a certain person was the area coordinator.  Sadly some of those original 7 have inexplicably joined The Anti-Christ - good luck with that - I hear Hitler is also hiring in Hell. Anyway, next time you want to quote someone to try and undermine them, do it right and maybe you'll get more 'support'.  

This will also likely garner some teeth gnashing over my even having a blog to publicly express my opinions. Wheeee! Bully for that ... get's your heart pumping don't it? I write because I can, because the internet lets me, because I can't stop myself correcting ridiculous mis-quotes and the poor grammar of crazy dog breeders and because I have all the friends I need and I certainly don't need you. Everyone else, I love you guys! Don't like my blog and opinions I express? Don't read it and you won't get your knickers in a twist.

Some people think that we are all one big happy family. Ya, and I hear world peace is working out really well too. We are not a big happy family and there is no reason to expect everyone to behave as such - it's totally unrealistic. Simply put, we have the same breed of dog which means we share a common interest that we are all passionate about. That creates situations which catalyse into some pretty fun little scraps. So if an issue which was cold in the grave for 11 months about an event which is almost 2 years old just cannot be allowed to rest in peace; hold onto your hat or whatever ... it's zombie killin' time. And remember, you have to shoot them in the brain, otherwise they are not really dead.

As for the dogs and their New Year's Resolutions, Raimi's is to learn to play nice and to share his toys.

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