Saturday, January 29, 2011


Snow means that the dogs expend more energy in less time which is good for me because slogging through snow drifts is exhausting let me tell you. Both they and I stick to the paths as much as possible and their joyful romps, while limited by space, are no less boisterous. 

Round and round they go with their Ridgeback body slams and raucous Ridgeback noises with Esme hot on their heels barking, nipping at their hocks and puffed up with importance while she fulfills her Puli duty.

Here comes Leeloo and Esme down the trail ready to tackle Raimi who is preparing to nab one of them as they streak past. Standing where I was isn't generally considered a good idea since Boy has long since forgotten I am there and an about-face usually ends up with him embedded in my knees.

This is one of my favorites for some reason. Leeloo dashing ... 'nuff said.

And who couldn't love this? Someone's been busy in the snow drifts.

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Zola the Rhodesian Ridgeback Girl said...

Nice to find your blog..I'm Zola the Rhodesian Ridgeback in the South of France. We don't get snow where I live, although I have been up in the mountains to see it...brrrr! I look forward to following your blog, hope I can put you on my blogroll? Just stopped to say hi guys!