Sunday, December 5, 2010

Winner Takes All

The Eukanuba Championship show is this weekend and it's kind of a big deal. It's generally considered a warm up to Westminster like the Golden Globes are the the warm up to The Oscars. The AKC/Eukanuba show is an invitational type thing where you have to meet certain criteria to qualify and only Champions compete. This is one of the only shows that offers large cash prizes for winning something. My mom flew there with a Puli because she entered a few years back and really enjoyed it and this year decided that although her dog may not be one of the top Pulis in the US, he loves to show and will get a huge kick out of the event. Pulis show later today and I know my mom is enjoying the CA weather!

Also, Zero is entered at Eukanuba, as always expertly handled by his psuedo-Mommy Juliet and Erin, his real Mommy, is along for the ride to cheer Zero on - I gather he also has a large entourage as well! The Eukanuba atmosphere is very similar to what he will experience at Westminster so this is a good test for him. The Ridgebacks were on yesterday afternoon and I was checking the Eukanuba website to see how our home boy did. Well, I didn't have to wait for the website to get updated, I got an ecstatic phone call from Erin to tell me how he fared against some of the best Ridgebacks in the country.

Zero won Best of Breed! Apparently he looked fabulous in the Hound group too but didn't get placed although not for want of a loud and raucous cheering section! In the new year the show will be aired and I'll keep an eye out for when that occurs so that you can mark your calendars.
So here's a glass raised to Team Zero which is comprised some of the most wonderful and dedicated dog people I have the privilege to know. This weekend we toast our Canadian boy who was offered a taste of the campaign trail in the spring and decided to eat the whole buffet.

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