Tuesday, December 14, 2010

About a Boy

A Boy day. He loves to have his silly runs, as long as there is a large expanse to gallop he will take off in pretty much any direction and just run and run. Then he spies me at a distance and stampedes full bore toward me with this ridiculous grin on his face. Oh yes, it's a bit worrying. He always leaps to the side at the last second but part of me has a little twist of panic that he'll misjudge the timing. One hundred and fifteen pounds of this smashing into me will likely result in serious damage.

After expending excess energy he then proceeds to gaze wonderingly into the distance looking for the elusive squirrel. Yes, there are squirrels on this beach. They chatter at the dogs from a few trees that dot the area. Here he is actually looking at Leeloo who has taken herself into the grass to hunt for the squirrel she knows is there.

Atop the 'mountain' as it is known locally. From here the dogs can get a better view of the squirrels - too good a view in my never humble opinion. They were in the bushes just to the left there, that was a gong show if I ever saw one, but that is a blog best written for itself.

And the footprints in the sand. Esme above and Boy below - not that a person couldn't really guess that is who they belong to!

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