Monday, December 6, 2010

The Gambler

Here are some photos of Zero from Eukanuba. Erin also sent me some video but because I am basically moving-picture impaired I cannot figure out how to link it to the site so photos will have to suffice. These photos are compliments of Tammy McGill of Ramnes Ridgebacks.

This is Zero free-stacking in the Best of Breed ring. Doesn't he look handsome?

And here he is again, showing off how well he knows his stuff. He's a super star show dog and a total natural - he loves the spot light and handles the stress of shows extremely well.

He also knows how to let off a bit of steam! He comes by his bounce honestly although Halo was never this happy about showing, she always took it so seriously. This is Zero in the Hound group ... nothing quite like comic relief!

And down to business for both Juliet and Zero. They work so hard together and make such a great team, and the effort has paid off. I just know there are great things for Zero around the corner, whatever they may be is still in the cards, but he is ready play the hand he is dealt.  

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Remi said...

Zero is quite a beautiful Ridgeback. Congrats to him! I stumbled upon your blog and found your postings regarding recent parvo/diarrhea attacks to coincide with my RR's recent tummy problems. He had blood taken today, just as a precaution, and we won't get results until tomorrow. I don't think its parvo, since he's doing much better after antibiotics. I hope yours are also feeling better.