Tuesday, December 28, 2010

White Noise

For the past two days we haven't gone for a run in the woods and that has caused some serious walk constipation for the likes of Leeloo and Esme. Raimi is pretty happy to do whatever but I know he prefers to go for a walk than not. We didn't go yesterday because when we were at my parent's house on the weekend Leeloo, in smashing her way through the woods, twisted her toe(or something) and came up lame. Not wanting to exacerbate it we stayed in yesterday morning. Good thing too, the weather was atrocious with blowing pouring rain and wet heavy snow on the ground. Not fun to walk in that's for sure.

Today another skipped walk, mostly because of the blizzard raging against my window panes. I'd normally not let myself be bothered by such things but with Leeloo still on the mend it's a good excuse to stay in and keep dry. The dogs are fussing with toys, chasing cats and intermittently stopping to stare at me with expectant eyes. Hopefully tomorrow will see us heading out to burn off some excess energy but for today we are snuggled in and watching the winter wonderland arrive 3 days too late.

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