Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The Thing

Esme has a thing about her Thing. She has various Things but this thing is the Thing of all Things. It's a new Thing to replace the old Thing that she coveted to destruction. I love that she loves this Thing because it's basically a piece of garbage and frankly buying her toys to play with is totally pointless because she has never loved a toy like she loves this Thing. What is it?

It's the cap off my shaving cream container. Skin-timate brand I believe. She had another cap but eventually it was loved so much it ended up becoming bits of Thing instead of a whole Thing and had to be sent to the Recycling Bin in the Sky. It was a sad day until a New Thing came to pass. She says 'Don't touch my Thing.'

She likes to show off her Thing but it's only for looking at, not touching. You are not allowed to have or hold the Thing. Doing so gets it removed from your possession poste haste. By force if necessary.

Having the Thing seems to make her feel Very Important. I'm not sure why. Carrying around the discarded lid from a shaving cream container doesn't really seem like it would garner you a lot of street cred but it puffs her ego something terrible. And it's not as if Esme particularly needs more ego. She shows it off and dares the world to put down her Thing thereby demonstrating that sometimes Things are only as important as you make them.

Her favorite game, actually, is making me go get the Thing when she 'accidentally' knocks it under the chair or somewhere inaccessible to her naughty feet. She watches with barely contained glee as I scrabble around on the floor getting covered in dust bunnies and Ridgeback hair to rescue her Thing from dark places unknown. She is always extremely relieved to have it safely in her possession and shows her profound joy at having her Thing back by tossing it around for a play session. She'll then watch with bright eyes as it skids across the floor and ends up right back under the chair from which I just finished extracting it. Oh yes ... we all have our Thing.  

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