Thursday, December 30, 2010


What is that glowing orb is the sky? We woke up today to this bright light shining from the east and for a moment I was unable to identify it. Then, in a blinding moment of recognition, I realized the golden tendrils of dust laden beams were actually rays of direct sunlight. Those long absent purveyors of vitamin D were a welcome sight let me tell you. So it was with happy heart I attempted to let the dogs out the back door for their morning pee. This activity was brought up short by the realization that my back door would not open being frozen shut from melting snow freezing in the night. 

I geared up and took the dogs through the front door to the back yard, ever watchful for marauding cats, and since I was already dressed I just left them out and prepared the rest of my attire to take them for the long promised walk. We haven't been for several days what with the rain storm-cum-blizzard that has been battering the east coast for the last few days and also Leeloo's sore foot is exacerbated by smashing around in the woods.

We did end up going because they really needed an outing. Although it was brisk and chilly we soaked up brief, yet welcome, bursts of sunlight as their source rose like a Phoenix from the east. Much like Leeloo who wasted no time beating up her fellow housemates, and thus making her sprained toes worse I imagine.

Esme was suitless this morning, I forgot to put the coat on before I let her outside and then when I remembered I simply didn't feel like wrestling her into it in the blowing wind. Fortunately the temperature is just below zero so the snow is more granular than sticky.

Esme and Leeloo wasted no time tackling each other in glee, although once Leeloo had a few bounces in and remembered her two sprained toes, she limited the activity to allowing Esme to tackle her rather than chase Esme for a squash.

Raimi contented himself with a good run through the snow. He did spend some time trying to convince me to go into the woods but I told him no since the sun was making an appearance that we'd stay in the direct sunlight. Besides, it would be colder in the woods!

Esme sported the classic Puli 'snow face' most of the walk. She seemed to enjoy running through the drifts although I got the impression she was a little frustrated when she sank through and couldn't run as fast. It may be wrong but I can't tell you how grateful I am that the snow causes all the dogs to expend more energy and thus become tired in a shorter period of time!

However, if they are happy I am happy and that is generally the point of the walks. To make me happy and have a quiet house! That and allowing the dogs to remain fit, mentally healthy and satisfied. I know they appreciate it, even if they can't put it into words ... I just know.  

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Kathryn said...

Great photos Tamzin. I love watching dogs in the snow! 'specially Puli faces.