Sunday, December 12, 2010

The Queen

It feels like a Leeloo day today. We went to the beach and the dogs had a marvelous time. Over the course of next few days I'll cover just how much fun the beach was. Right now it's Sunday night and the dogs are comatose after their beach adventure. We were out for about an hour and that is about double our normal walk during the week so they are especially pooped.

Leeloo kept catching the scent of something on the wind, she was forever leaning into the smell to get a better handle on it. It took her a while before she dashed into the beach grass hunt down the source of the smell but a girl's willpower only gets her so far.

For now though she spent her time gazing about like the Queen of the Coastline, basking in the fading rays of sun and enjoying the change of scenery.

She certainly has come into her own, my little Bubbalicious. She is almost all grown up and these final days of transformation from a girl into a woman are something I am profoundly glad I can capture. Soon this time will be behind us and ahead we will be busy with puppies and doing grown up things. For now though I am taking every opportunity to hug and kiss my darling Toe-Toes.

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