Wednesday, December 15, 2010


We never go for a walk that doesn't involve some kind of wrestling activity, or chasing, or tackling, or general fun and frolic. I missed posting this one from the other day with Esme tackling Raimi. He has actually lifted his foot to bat at her, not that she'd notice really.

And the race is on. Up and down the beach they go, on and on and on. Once they are way down the coast I start running in the opposite direction and when they realize I'm getting smaller and smaller they kick in the after-burners to come after me. Not that they could exactly 'lose' me on this beach but it's cute to watch them hustle to catch up.

And the play fighting. Oh the play fighting. It sometimes results in sand in the eye and play has to stop while I remove the offending particle, but then the nonsense resumes. Esme is never far behind on the action but behind is usually where she is. It's hard to keep up with legs like Leeloo's!

Boy is full of big bluffs and Leeloo has his number but will play along so that his tender Boy feelings don't get hurt. Sometimes you have to do that with the boys.

All happiness and racing about is the name of the game. No one gets left out or left behind. No one goes in the water either!

Just like with kids there's always some little tiff where they get on each other's nerves with feelings hurt and words said. It doesn't take long to blow over though and they are back to best friends again.

Esme better watch it. Boy doesn't need to be accidentally neutered!

This is hard to see but Leeloo was racing toward Boy and Boy was racing toward Leeloo and as they passed each other Leeloo did an about turn to make a grab at the Boy. I was very impressed by her agility and speed!

And with the bulk of their pent up energy sated they settle down to exploring the beach and looking for the naughty squirrels whose scent drifts down to them on the eastern breeze. Time to go catch us some squirrels!

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