Saturday, December 11, 2010

A Christmas Story

I'm blogging this a day late because of my Blogger photo issue. Now that I've squared away enough photo storage to last about 40 years I can happily blog away and not worry about how many photos I am uploading.

So we took our annual Christmas photos after I assembled the Christmas tree and it was quite the torture session just as it has been in the past. This time I was not in the photo so there was no one to hold the dogs except threats. I think they came out rather well despite the almost countless permutations and arrangements. This was actually the very first photo I took and was probably the most successful.

Esme was 'helping' while I decorated, Can you tell? What red tinsel?

She was *so* good for her individual photos, she sat so pretty and would have gazed happily at a piece of food forever, this is probably what makes her such a great show dog!

Boy was good up until he got bored with the process. This be pre-boredom. Once he gets bored there is no getting his attention back, he just shuts down so you have to work fast if you want him looking interested and alert.

Another, clearer, photo of Esme. She was so cute!

Leeloo, like Esme, is very food motivated and would have stood and stared at food forever. She does insist on getting the food though. If you push it too far without actually giving her something she starts to get stubborn - I would too though right?

All the pretty lights with the pretty Leeloo. Her collar was so cute I left it on her for our walk.

And one of the cutest photos of the day. I wasn't sure it would work and I only got one photo but it came off pretty well. Happy Christmas everyone from me and the dogs!

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