Saturday, December 18, 2010

Small Gifts

At this time of year we think a lot about family and friends. I am so glad to have met a new family who adores Archer just as much, and probably more, than I do.  Before the holidays got too hectic we planned an afternoon walk with Archer so the dogs could enjoy their own brand of Christmas cheer. Once Leeloo established her Bossiness everyone settled down for an explore and a good run across the fields. We'd just had a couple inches of snow and everyone was feeling pretty fast.  

It's good to see all four bums again heading down the trail. Archer settles easily back into his place in the pack and Esme is quick to resume gnawing on his hocks in a vain attempt to herd him or goad him into play - whichever is on her brain at the time.

It never fails that there is some display of teeth. Not angry teeth, as this erroneously portrays, but bravado teeth which look serious but are actually just sharp protrusions from the mouths of marshmallows.

Two brothers patiently waiting for us on the hillside. Esme ... not so patiently waiting. She was forever doing the hustle, round and round, her endless energy is simply exhausting.

And Archer's classic photo with his silly little tongue out. It's almost like he is perpetually ready to offer a kiss and knowing Archer that has a very high probability if you are in kissing range. Well, kisses right back at you this holiday season to my Little Buddy, I know Santa will be generous because you have been a very good boy this year and your stocking will be full of presents and treats and holiday cheer. All my best to you and your family this Christmas and into the coming year. 

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