Friday, December 17, 2010

Morning Glory

Fast Leeloo is fast. She thought Raimi had spotted a squirrel and wasted no time in offering Squirrel Patrol back-up. As if he needs her help, he's the one who has actually had a squirrel in his jaws whereas she has never known the pleasure. Perhaps that's why she's so determined ... she needs to prove herself.

Searching for squirrels among the treetops is top priority these days. It's definitely not a job for the easily distracted or those who lack persistence. Both dogs have never forgotten the merry chase a squirrel took them on that ended at this tree. The live in perpetual hope that the squirrel will leap out into their mouths.

When I do manage to drag them away from the woods Leeloo takes out the frustration of not being able to nab a squirrel by wrestling with Esme. Esme loves the attention and although her suit now has a substantial coating of Leeloo slobber on it, at least I can keep an eye on them more easily.

Bursting out of the morning sunrise - this is Raimi every day. Oh to welcome each day with such optimistic abandon ... or maybe he's just glad it's Friday. I know I am!

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