Sunday, December 26, 2010

The Christmas Box

Another Christmas over. Since the wind finally died down and it wasn't *quite* raining, the dogs and I headed out for our last walk at my parent's place before heading home to make sure the kitties were all still alive.

Raimi was quick to find the deer poop in the woods, closely followed by Esme and Leeloo. Needless to say this was part of their Christmas treat ... as such.

Once I managed to lure them away from the area where the poop seemed most concentrated, we headed up the cut in the woods where Leeloo quickly found lots to explore. There she is, peeking out from behind a tree. It's a bit disconcerting how well she blends but the giant bear bell she wears is a dead give-away as to her location most of the time.

Esme has a little trouble navigating the downed branches and tree trunks but she did her level best to keep up. Thank heavens for this suit because lord knows how much just she'd pick up in her coat if she didn't have it.

Let's not forget the squirrels. It is very important to note there is possibility of squirrels at all times and you must never let your guard down. Ever vigilant is Boy.  

It is not necessary to even mention Leeloo's squirrel obsession but I thought it was extra cute that this lone birch tree, the largest I have ever seen actually, was the focus of her intense scrutiny. Maybe at some point in this tree's lifetime there was a resident squirrel, but not today.

Our walk requirements sated, a delicious left-over turkey lunch safely stowed and a satisfying nap on the drive home (for the dogs) and here we are back safe in Pictou to give the cats their treats and open the balance of the dog gifts. That included some new toys and stuffed cow hooves. Leeloo went to town on her hoof like it was a ... a ... squirrel.

Esme took a slightly different pose and forgetting that she even had a back end, she devoured her hoof on the couch. Thank doG it's the dog couch.

And Boy lay down like the sweetheart he is on the dog bed in front of the space heater and had a little chew at his hoof. It's nice to have them all safely home, another Christmas in the bag and the coming year full of new plans and exciting changes. Can't wait for what's around the next corner.

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