Friday, December 10, 2010

Kill Bill (Squirrel)

I have been terribly remiss this week in updating the blog, I know it. Although, having Zero's Best of Breed win posted for a few days can't hurt right? I have been out most mornings this week for various reasons; dentist, taking Leeloo for her hip and elbow evaluations, and getting some errands done before work.

Last weekend we hit the beach for a walk and it was gorgeous out, I have photos but need to get work out some details with Blogger about how many photos I have on the site! Apparently I have reached my quota and I need to get more space ... how on earth would I live without photos on the blog?

In other news, Raimi almost ate his first squirrel the other day. The dogs found this squirrel in the trees and were following its progress through the branches. It stopped in a medium sized tree and I watched while it clung to a swaying branch (it was very windy) and stared down at Leeloo and Raimi who were manic about trying to climb the tree to get to it.

I decided, after a few minutes, that since I hadn't had my coffee yet we'd head home - plus it was a bit chilly and my toes were protesting. I knew they wouldn't just follow me, the squirrel was too tempting, so I approached the tree to put their leads on.

That's when all hell broke loose. Never mind that there are 200 pounds of dog under the tree trying to eat you, it's the person who is attempting to catch the dogs that sends the squirrel into a panic. As I approached the tree the squirrel shot through the branches away from me and of course the dogs followed it. So there's me, crashing through bushes trying to catch two manic dogs who are bound and determined to nab a squirrel who is moving like lightning through the canopy.

Did I mention it was windy? Because of the wind the squirrel had a couple close calls, tumbling down a couple feet and then catching itself just inches above where the dogs could reach. I tell you I was having a heart attack at the idea I was going to watch my dogs tear a tiny squirrel limb from limb. So, while finally grasping Leeloo's collar and attempting to stop her dragging me headfirst through the lower branches, the squirrel took the inevitable misstep and fell, literally, to Raimi's feet. Boy, never one to ignore a gift squirrel dropped in his mouth, grabbed it.

My repeated screaming of "NO! NO! NO!" probably sounded like I was being murdered in the woods but the effect on Raimi was to let the squirrel go and it shot back up into the tree. I glanced up and while it had some Boy Slime on its side where a tooth grasped it, I'm not sure if he actually did any damage. I was close enough to Raimi to get hold of his collar and I put their leads on to drag them away from the Kill Zone.

Since then I haven't seen a single squirrel on our walks, I'm hoping that means the squirrel learned its lesson and is staying out of sight(and told its friends to as well) and not that Raimi's attention was eventually fatal. There are several squirrels in the woods where we walk so the loss of one is not a tragedy, but I never take the dogs out intending for them to kill something. I love that they enjoy the hunt but knowing they would actually dispatch a living thing is an event best left to never. Or at least an event I do not witness.

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