Friday, December 24, 2010

A Christmas Carol

I have heard that people born close to Christmas feel like they are getting the short end of the stick because often families will combine the celebrations into one event whereas most other people get to celebrate a birthday and a Christmas seperately. Fortunately, when you're a dog, you just don't know the difference. Everyday is a day to celebrate and extra treats, for whatever reason, are always welcome.

Today we are celebrating 13 birthdays. Twelve of them occurred in Calgary 3 years ago, the arrival of Halo's second litter 2 days early was a bit of a surprise but they were joyfully received just the same. Each one of those Ridgebacks is in a home who adores and spoils them. Those big brown eyes watch over a family who would do anything to protect them and lovingly gives them everything a dog deserves. The past year of your lives has been filled with rollercoaster rides of show campaign highs, mystery illness lows, litters born, litters not born, agility classes to enjoy, and of course the all important everyday joys of being well loved dogs. So to Zero, Mya, Shane, Karma, Mungo, Lulu, Kona, Bella, Ramsay, Rifka, Rory, and Isis all my very best this holiday season and may the coming year's cup runneth over.

Also, on this day a year ago, little Esme was born right here in this house (I'm at my parent's) and all the potential and future naughtiness was just 12 ounces of squirming shiny black puppy. Who knew she would take me, and the Ridgebacks, on such a whirlwind ride? She is the naughtiest, most obstinate, intelligent and busy little monster ever to set foot in my house and more than once today I have uttered the words "Do you want to *die* on your birthday??" She just looks at me with that infuriating little twinkle in her eye, knowing I don't mean it, and repeats whatever insane behaviour I just scolded her for.

To all the birthday boys and girls - hugs to you and may Mommy and Daddy bring you a birthday gift on your birthday and a Christmas gift tomorrow. That is just how it should be. Treats for everyone!


Ellen said...

Your puppy sounds just like my Beagle puppy, Music. I have never been so challenged! A friend tells me that she'll make me a better dog trainer. I don't know if I want to be that good! :)

Rory said...

Momma Tamzin!!! Hiya! Thanks for the birthday wishes. I got tourtiere instead of cake. Well, okay, I got the filling - no pastry, but whatever. Dee-lish!

Murray Burke said...

Kona says hi....and so does Murray. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.